Biwix and Swixcore : IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS Internet Web Site (ALIGN and SAB RC Sales) will be managed from 1st August 2016 by :

- Hugues Dubois (Chablais-RC) in Villeneuve in Switzerland and Internet Web Sites (High Quality Batteries Sales) will be managed by :

- Johnny Trolliet in Renens in Switzerland

Why ?

The goal is to provide the BEST SERVICE EVER to our customers !

- Fast answers to every e-mails.

- Phone calls always possible.

- VERY FAST deliveries.

What about the warranty of products bought on Internet Web Site before 31st July 2016 ?

Warranty is still valid OF COURSE !

Products bought BEFORE 31st July 2016, Johnny Trolliet will take care of it :

You need to use the following e-mail :

Products bought AFTER 31st July 2016, Hugues Dubois will take care of it :

You need to use the following e-mail :

I have placed orders on Internet Web Sites but some products were missing... What should I do ?

In this case, you need to send A SHORT AND CLEAR e-mail, including your name, your addresse and a list of all missing products to :

Johnny Trolliet will refund you or ship the missing parts (ONLY IF DELIVERY IS FAST).

Note : we will receive many e-mails, so please be patient.

We will answer EVERY E-MAILS !

We thank all our great customers ! :)